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A tiny bedroom makeover


A good night's sleep determines how we feel on the next day. There's nothing better than a great bed and it was time for my bedroom to level up.

September 2015 | Article: VM
Brooklyn, NY | Photography: VM

My boyfriend and I moved to NY and were lucky to take over a spacious and sunny apartment from our friend. We have big rooms but our bedroom is as tiny as a shoebox. A king-size bed would fill out 2 thirds of the room. We neglected this little room in our apartment for a while and didn’t do anything with it. Our old bed was basic with a unspectacular box spring and a way-too-soft cheap mattress.

For our tiny room in Brooklyn I decided to get a minimalistic wooden bed frame with lots of hidden storage space. I like simple wooden beds, no metal, fabric or unnecessary decoration. More important than the bed frame was to find the perfect comfy mattress. My dear friend Steffi recommended Helix Sleep. The difference to other mattresses ​brands is that Helix​ personalize​s ​each mattress specifically for each individual​'s needs​. They offer a 100 nights sleep trial and it will ship directly to your doorstep. As a fan of personalization of any sorts I enjoyed going through their online questionnaire, with questions including height, weight, sleeping style, and firmness preference. The layers in the mattress are designed support your body weight, keep your back straight and comfortable, regulate temperature, and match your personal feel preference - whether it’s plush or firm. A few days after ordering it I found a cute octognal blue box on my doorstep. As described the mattress adjusts to my body and has the perfect level of softness. For couples (like us), Helix offers “split” beds (one side for one partner, the other side for the other) and “blended” beds to find a happy medium.

To finish up my bedroom renovation I painted the back wall in a light grey tone and got two different simple brass lights. I’m not a huge fan of too much stuff in bedrooms but I recently discovered the work of the Swiss illustrator Raphael Garnier and his artwork fits our bedroom perfectly. I wanted to keep the bedroom in a black, white and grey palette with earthy and natural accents. The bedding is from Muji, their linen is amazing and they have a beautiful subdued color palette. There's no space for a proper nightstand so I got simple copper wire baskets where we can throw in books and magazines.

Lately our bedroom became a technology-free zone and no phones and laptops get in there at any time (ok, my boyfriends' Kindle is an exception). It helps to unwind and not check emails in the middle of the night.


Bed frame: Mandall from Ikea
Decor Pillows: Ikea
Mattess: Helix Sleep
Bedding: Muji
Wall color: Benjamin Moore
Lamps: Brass Clip light CB2
Brass cage lamp from City Furniture.
Copper wire storage basket: CB2
Little yellow vase: Home of the Brave
Artwork: Raphael Garnier
Plant and flowers: Homecoming

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