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What is this all about?
Sand & Such is a magazine dedicated to sleep and everything around. The moments before and after, rituals, snoozing, slumbering, drifting, breakfasts, brunches, the night, the morning, insomnia, dreams and snores. We explore the aesthetic of sleep in a very visual way. Our contributors (so far) are creatives, makers, photographers and artists from all over the world. In our interviews we ask people about their sleeping habits and are curious to have a peek into their bedrooms.

How it works
We try to publish at least one interview a week and articles whenever we stumble over something interesting. If you have any suggestions or like to submit your story, reach out.

All interviews and articles are original and interview photography is provided by the interviewee or photos were taken by Sand & Such. Other photography shown in the magazine is a mix of our own imagery and of course we're giving credit for any inspirational content we found at sources online.

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Thumbnail image by Nudea.

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We always refer to the owners of images and products we feature.
However, If you would like to have your product/image removed, please reach out to us.

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